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What is a Union?   A labor union is a group of working men and women who agree to stand together for better wages, working conditions, and benefits.  It is an organization formed to bargain with employers and is an organization built to fight for your rights. 

At the close of the nineteenth century, the carpenters that lived and worked in Sacramento, California freely joined together in an effort to improve their lives and their working conditions in the growing construction industry and formed a union. This union in Sacramento was recognized by The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, which had been established on August 12, 1881 as the Sacramento Carpenters Local Union No. 586.

Carpenters Local Union No. 586 always worked with other trade Unions and like-minded community activists to enhance and elevate all working men and women in the Sacramento Region. Through collective bargaining, Carpenters Local Union 586 joined with many of the responsible quality contractors of this region to establish fair and uniform wages, along with a safe and respectful workplace. The Carpenters Union, in association with these contractors, established a system of apprenticeship training by Journeymen Carpenters, which allowed for apprentices to receive a high level of skill training to be employed at the same time. After a prescribed period of time with the successful completion of the requisite class work, these apprentices were accepted as journeymen with the same rights and privileges. Today, our apprenticeship schools have professional instructors and many are associated with local community colleges from which some credits are granted toward an Associate Degree.

On January 1, 2001, Carpenters Local Union No. 586 of Sacramento (after 100 years of existence) joined with Carpenters Local Union No. 1147 Roseville, Carpenters Local Union No. 1486 of Auburn and Carpenters Local Union No. 1381 of Woodland to form the new Sacramento Area Carpenters Local Union No. 46 which is carrying on with the traditions long established here in Sacramento for the benefit of all working people and the community at large.

Carpenters Local Union 46
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