Member's Corner

Roll Call - It is on the first and third Thursday of every month from  7:00 am until 12:00 pm.  Come early and you will have your pick of the doughnuts and hot coffee.

Job Call - From Monday through Friday at 7:00 through 9:00 am.

The 7th Annual Local 46 Fishing Trip

The 7th Annual Local 46 Fishing Trip was another success. The boat left the dock about 6:30 am and returned about 3:30 PM. Not every one had limits, but about 125 Rock Cod and two Ling Cod were caught.  Everybody went home with a nice bag of fresh fish.

Talk is that next years 8th Annual trip might change to live bait for Halibut and Strippers in the San Francisco Bay. So if you want to go fishing and can not handle the rocking and rolling of the ocean come to the local union meetings and offer input on where to go next year.

The prize winners were:

Shirt Design (free spot on the boat)  Steve Bernharddt 

Ling Cod

1st Big Fish $50.00     Byron Sellers ----------10.7 lbs

2nd Big Fish $40.00    Kyle Swarens ----------8.2 lbs

Rock Cod

1st  Big Fish $60.00   Kevin Shultz ------------5.1 lbs

2nd  Big Fish  $55.00  Bob Davis    ----------- -5.0 lbs

3rd  Big Fish   $ Marlen Jones ----------- 4.9 lbs

4th  Big Fish    Anatoliy Gavrilyuk ----4.3 lbs

5th Big Fish     Curt Ferreira ------------4.1 lbs

6th Big Fish     Tom Brodsky -----------3.9 lbs